We manage your advertising accounts, lead generation & inbound pipeline automation to increase volume and conversions.

Rizer Media is a digital marketing firm that specializes in Online Marketing and Digital Advertising to display your brand in high quality media on high traffic social and search platforms.

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With Google Advertising you can pay to show up on the top search display of customers looking for your services.

Why Google PPC?

Immense Traffic

Google processes over 3.5 Billion searches per day, with over 75% of users using Google 3+ times a day or more often.

Intent Based

Your prospects are actively searching for your services and are already educated on what they require.

More Credibility

With Google being the world's most trusted search engine, being presented and displayed there will provide authority to your brand.

Word Of Mouth

By implementing a direct customer campaign, you will be able to kickstart your word of mouth marketing with the customers you acquire.

Increase Reviews

You will be able to attain more reviews with a stream of new clients coming to your business.

Outperform SEO

Successful SEO takes time. With direct Google Adwords, you can present your display links immediately.

Step 1

Complete our partnership agreement and question form.

Step 2

Our company audits your information to organize your platforms, advertising objectives, audience interest groups, and creatives.

Step 2

Step 2. Our company audits your information to organize your optimal advertising campaign, audience adsets, and creatives.

Step 3

Campaigns are updated 2x per week to isolate, monitor and document winning audiences and creatives.




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“I was most impressed with the way they listened and truly spent time understanding our business on the front end, and then worked with us on a weekly basis to make progress toward the goals we set for the business.”

Amanda Mille, Owner Media Boost

“The Rizer Media team is thorough, transparent, and very talented at what they do. Akash was reliable to deliver on the goals we set for our clients, and their communication with us was clear and consistent.”

Herman Ziegler, Owner SmartSEO

“Our business saw almost 2X more calls and online bookings, at half the cost compared with a few months ago… and this is on a significant Google ads budget.”

Sophie Mills, Owner ModernBrand


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Paid Advertising

We will build and manage your advertising campaigns on all of the major platforms such as Meta, Google, and Tiktok and also build the backend follow up systems to convert your leads into sales. We will optimize and create advertising that will scale your inbound customer leads. 

Website Design

Modern. Clean. Professional. We create only the highest quality and unique websites with an emphasis on UI/UX, brand consistency, SEO structure, conversion, and building of trust among customers.


We help your website display higher in local search rankings. We do this by addressing content optimization, technical SEO, business citations, and inbound links. 80% of consumers search online before making a buying decision.


Social platforms process 3.5 billion searches per day, and counting.


Instagram, Facebook, Google, Youtube and TikTok dominate the market share.


Users use Social 8+ times a day or more often as an integral part of digital communication.

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