The Top Right Quadrant; Align Your Day to Your Mission


This article will cover the idea of the “Top Right Quadrant”, or the philosophy that combining a strong and emotional desire of a vision for the future with a profound foundation of happiness in the present, can place our drive and fulfillment into overdrive. This overdrive of energy can allow you to enter speed, focus, and flow.

The Mission for this Post From Rizer Media is that with the implementation of this information, you will be able to transform your life in an immediate and sustainable way, to have the bandwidth and discipline to tackle the problems and challenges that call to your highest desire, or to live your truest passion.

This idea has come from inspiration through the teachings of Vishen Lakhiani, Founder Of Mindvalley, Entrepreneur & Education Activist, And Author Of The International Bestseller, The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind.

“Extraordinary minds are able to bend reality. They have bold and exciting visions for the future, yet their happiness is not tied to these visions. They are happy in the now. This balance allows them to move toward their visions at a much faster rate while having a ton of fun along the way.” – Vishen Lakhiani

What is the “Top Right Quadrant”?

The Trap of ‘I’ll be happy when…’ – Anxiety

I’ll be happy when I get married. I’ll be happy when I get promoted. I’ll be happy when…

You may have felt that you cannot be happy now because you have not yet attained some necessary condition for it. But this mindset indeed is a trap.

It leads to you being caught in a constant pursuit of something not in attainment, reinforcing a feeling of “not having”.

Live For the Moment? – Stagnation.

However, many people might say, does this mean that you should focus your energy on the present and not make any goals? Isn’t that a path to stagnation? The answer to that is indeed, yes.

Aligning The Necessary Aspects

The key is that you can Combine a bold vision for the future pulling you forward, with a strong focus on present happiness.

Credit : Code of the Extraordinary Mind

The Two Foundational Pillars

There’s a subtle balance:
1. You have a bold vision for the future pulling you forward.
2. Yet… you’re happy in the NOW.”

What Are the Other Scenarios?

Scenario 1 – Present Happiness + No Vision = Stagnation

For example, if you are happy in the current state, but have no long term vision, you reach a point of stagnation.

Scenario 2 – Strong Vision + No Present Happiness = Anxiety

If you have a strong vision for the future, but don’t have happiness in the present day, you will experience anxiety.

Scenario 3 – No Vision + No Present Happiness = Depression

If you do not have a strong vision for the future, and you also do not like your present moment, you fall into a state of depression.

Aligning happiness in the present moment with a bold vision for the future is the process of accessing a productive and balanced growth mindset.

What is Your Compelling Vision?

Having a vision for your future means having goals for your future.

The problem with most of us is that we focus on achieving means goals instead of end goals:

Means goals vs End Goals – The Rat Race

Do you have a goal of graduating from high school with a good GPA? Or a goal of qualifying for the right college? Or of securing a great internship? Or of getting a raise at your job? Or of getting rich? Or of becoming famous? Or of earning some price or reward?

These are all means goals. They are a means to getting what you actually want.

Means goals are the things that society tells us we need to have in place to get to happiness.

End goals are the ‘why’ behind the attainment of those things

End goals are about experiencing love, traveling around the world being truly happy, contributing to the planet because doing so gives you meaning, and learning a new skill for the pure joy of it. The reasons behind the attainment of your goals”

The Three Most Important Question to Uncover Your End Goals

To skip the means goal trap and go straight for end goals, use The Three Most Important Questions.

Doing this exercise can help you figure out and jump straight to the end goals that really matter in your life.

The Three Most Important Question to Uncover Your End Goals

Answering these questions can discover your unique end goals and put you in alignment towards a greater mission.

1. What experiences do you want to have in this lifetime?
2. How do you want to grow?
3. How do you want to contribute?

How to Be Happy Now: Live in Blissipline

“[Here’s] a simple system for mastering happiness in the now. It goes beyond feeling peaceful to feeling truly joyous. It combines spiritual mastery with the real-world desire to meet your goals and make your intentions come true. I call it Blissipline: the discipline of daily bliss.”

Blissipline is about practicing your skills of being happy in the now on a daily basis.

In the present, finding happiness sounds like a difficult undertaking but there are a few practices that can get us there quite easily.

Blissipline can be found through cultivating these four strategies:

1. Gratitude (5 Minute Journal)

2. Forgiveness

3. Giving

4. Progress

1. Gratitude

Gratitude involves appreciating what we have now. It rewires our brains to focus on the present and recognize that we have good things and good people around us.

In general, our brains tend to focus on the negative and also ignore anything that is routine.

A friend that we have had around for years is less appreciated than someone new and exciting we have just met; an old car is less fun than a new shiny toy.

Gratitude helps change the way we see life and has biological effects to improve happiness levels.

2. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the art of letting go of grudges.

It means cutting toxic people free from our lives and our hearts as well.

It is a way we have to be happier because it allows us to live free of past mistakes and resentment, which enables us to move forward.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool because by forgiving others we also learn to forgive ourselves and become open to new experiences. Forgiveness is a scientifically backed key to happiness.

3. Giving

Giving is the third practice that can help us feel happy in the present.

We are fundamentally social beings.

People cannot be happy if they are isolated, and giving is one of the best ways to connect that we have.

By giving we feel in control of our lives and recognize the positive impact we can have on the world. It also strengthens our relationships and enables us to make new connections.

4. Progress

Progress comes from making systematic, diligent, and important advancement on the goals and dreams set for yourself.

It is vital that you clarify your end goals, then break those goals down into actionable steps that can be worked through on a daily basis.

The accomplishment of the daily tasks towards your clarified end goals will infuse purpose, passion, and momentum into your life, while reinforcing your sense of accomplishment.

Aligning the Two Aspects

Combining the three questions for your end goals :

1. What experiences do you want to have in this lifetime?
2. How do you want to grow?
3. How do you want to contribute?

With happiness in the now using :

1. Gratitude
2. Forgiveness
3. The Practice of Giving

4. Progress

Can align you in the state of the top right quadrant.

The Top Right Quadrant


When you are happy in the present, you are energized to work towards future goals. You are more productive, more likely to show initiative, and more willing to go on with the things you have to do.

When you have a compelling vision, you have motivation and a path to guide you in your life. Combining these two can give you a way to bend reality to your will and your ambition in a unique way.

This will allow you to unlock the infinite potential that is vested within you to live a life of excellence, accomplishment, and happiness.