Brilliant Liu – Taking @House.of.Leaders to over 1 Million Followers


This is an interview conducted with Brilliant Liu, the Creator of House of Leaders.

Brilliant is currently the CEO of Executive Media, and lives in Indonesia. His Instagram page, “@House.of.Leaders” spreads information regarding entrepreneurship, positivity, and personal success. This page has recently just hit 1 Million followers!

We have decided to interview this extraordinary individual to see how his mind works. The questions we asked him are below.

1. What drove you to want to spread positivity, growth, and self expansion?

I wasn’t a very positive person myself back then. I was ignorant and I didn’t care much about the people around me.

But soon after I met my first mentor after college, things started to change.

He didn’t make me realize that I needed to make a shift in my life, but he showed me that my life was meant to be more. It completely changed my mindset and it made me see that life doesn’t owe me anything.

From that moment on, I knew I wanted to leave this world with a positive legacy and spread positivity wherever I go as much as I can. I want to be able to help people grow or more exactly grow together with people. That’s the reason why I started House of Leaders.

2. Why did you choose Instagram as the place to share this message?

I didn’t specifically choose Instagram when I first started to be honest. I have facebook, twitter and instagram.

But amongst all three, I was and still am most active on Instagram. So that’s why I started from Instagram. And I think I made the right decision because Instagram is growing rapidly and I don’t think it’s slowing down anytime soon.

Aside from Instagram, though, we’re currently growing our Facebook page as well. So you guys can definitely check it out at . We’re now 21k strong on FB.

3. What events or experiences made you passionate about entrepreneurship, motivation, and growth the way you are today? 

I was raised by a single mother. My parents got divorced when I was 6 or 7. Financially, life was okay though. We weren’t wealthy but we were comfortable.

One day, I think I was about 17 or 18 at that time, my Mom came over to my room. I was and still am living with my mom and my stepbrother (It’s normal for Asians to live with their parents even after they’re married. I think it’s more like a cultural norm here).

Anyway, Mom came and started telling me the truth about our financial situation. I remember she told me ‘Jun, we might have to sell this house and move somewhere smaller.’ She was crying, I was crying.

I never thought that we’d have to worry about money like this. And so at that moment, I decided I needed to do something to change this. I told my Mom we would be okay and I went out and worked five different jobs at once, day to night, night to day.

But that wasn’t the solution. It wasn’t until I met my first mentor that I began to realize that just working hard will not make you live a happy life, we have to find something that gives us fulfilment.

So I began reading more books, networking with people who were at the level I wanted to be at and started to change the way I looked at life.

I began understanding that what we feed our mind, what we tell ourselves constantly are very important. And I want to be able to spread that positivity too and now I can, through House of Leaders.

4. What vision for the future drives you, excites you, and wakes you up in the morning?

I want to leave a positive legacy for my children. Knowing that I have the capability, just like any other human beings in this world, to create something positive for this world keeps me motivated.

I want to build a family with my partner, have children of our own, teach them life lessons that they don’t get at school and live a fulfilled life. These visions excite me. They keep me driven and they are my constant reminder that I need to keep going.

That no matter how hard things get, I am capable and everything is in my hands. I just have to go and grasp it.

5. What are your most important techniques when it comes to growing an Instagram page from the ground up?

There’s no any certain techniques to be honest. The most important thing is to always provide value to your audience.

Growing an Instagram page isn’t an easy thing. It takes consistency, dedication and patience.

So my advice would be to keep providing value, network with other influencers to share ideas and thoughts, be consistent and be patient.

6. What are your most effective techniques when it comes to your personal self development, motivation, and spiritual elevation?

I’m not always positive. There are times when I’ll overthink things and start doubting myself. I think that’s very human. We can’t always be positive, but we can choose what we do when the negativity comes.

Do we join him and start beating ourselves up? Or do we laugh him away and fight through it?

What I do usually is I remind myself that it’s moment like this that I need to be stronger. It’s easy to stay positive when things are going great. It’s easy to say that life is awesome when nothing is going wrong and everything goes as planned. To stay positive when our plans fail, when things turn bad, when life knocks us down to our knees, that’s the challenge.

It’s not easy but nothing great comes easy.

7. If you could SHOWCASE yourself to the world with 0 restriction and modesty, what would you say about yourself?

I’m definitely not the smartest person I know, but I’m also the most resilient person I know. If there’s no door, I’ll make one.