How Micro-Dosing Psychedelics can Improve Spirituality, Focus, and Leadership

*Rizer does not support the use of illegal substances. This post is for educational purposes only, and is implied for legal substances in legal countries. Use these tips with precaution and at your own risk.*


Micro-dosing is the process of taking psychedelic material in doses that are ‘under the psychoactive threshold’ ; On a regular schedule.

The ‘psychoactive threshold’ is about 1/6th of a regular dose. This means that you’ll still have the psychedelic ‘glow’ without the ‘trip’. This will put you in a state of extreme awareness, without the effects of “tripping” – increasing your sociality, creativity, and focused flow states.

Studies show, this small amount can lead to subtle and profound internal changes. We look into information that specifically points to how this practice can make one more of a leader, a visionary, and an overall happier person.

We dive into the science and the individual benefits of micro-dosing, a practice that is making a strong presence in the tech hub of Silicon Valley and in spirituals alike.

For more information on the safe and therapeutic usage of psychedelics, read the book by scientist James Fadiman’s : The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys.

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What are Psychedelics, and What are the Benefits of Micro-Dosing?

Psychedelics are substances such as psylocibin, LSD, MDMA, DMT, and Peyote. These are materials that have been used for centuries to induce dream like, and higher conscious states of mind. Users will go into a ‘trip’ that usually involves spiritual and profound mental awakenings and break throughs. The benefits of micro-dosing include, increased creativity, increased focus, better relationships, patience, and ego – loss.

In this age, we are redefining the definition of wealth. Not any more is it just the number in your bank account. Wealth is about experience, joy, laughter, and deep human connection. It’s about presence, and needing to find a purpose in the world and the work we do. Micro-dosing may be the technique that could potentially help tap into that true ocean of wealth.

The Science Behind Micro-Dosing

The ‘Default Mode Network‘ is active when one is simply not doing anything. This is the brain on autopilot mode. This state is associated with ‘day dreaming’, contemplating the future, and thinking about interactions with other people. Hyper connectivity in the Default Mode Network leads to depression. Taking psychedelics disrupts the ‘Default Mode Network.’

When one consistently micro-doses on a strict protocol, the 5HT2A receptor is activated on a consistent basis. This allows for the deconstruction of negative thought patterns and the creation of new neural pathways.

This plasticity allows for the new creation of thought patterns, and increased adaptability to environmental changes. This also benefits the process of learning new systems of living, and habit creation. This neural receptor also effects our state of ‘Being here now’, and living in the present moment.

How to Safely Micro-Dose

Micro-dosing consists of systematically taking 1/6th – 1/10th of a normal dose of a psychedelic, with no lasting medical conditions. For more information regarding the details of how to micro-dose, visit *this post* by ‘The Third Wave’.

How can Micro-Dosing Improve Leadership Skills?

Micro dosing Psychedelics has the benefits of putting you very in tune to empathetic feelings, as well as giving you brilliant bursts of creativity.

This can give you a better ability to connect to your team, make bigger and broader decisions, and engage your group on an emotional and long term vision. In the information age we live in today, leaders must be able to consistently build and keep up with new models and systems to lead their team into the future. The use of psychedelic micro-dosing increases brain plasticity, allowing for leaders to deconstruct and relearn efficient models and systems, while becoming a more engaging compass.

With a suppressed ego, it is also easier to absorb constructive criticism for positive growth.

With more jobs becoming fully automated, it is imperative that leaders organize the qualities of their team to best leverage their resources. It is the goal of the leader to pull together a group of individuals, inspire them towards a larger vision, and come up with efficient solutions to create that vision.

How can Micro-Dosing Improve Spirituality?

The ‘Default Mode Network’ is the process of your brain being in ‘auto-pilot’. This is associated to thinking about past events, day-dreaming, a lack of focus, and ‘Brain Fog’. Hyper connectivity of the Default Mode Network leads to severe depression.

While micro-dosing, the Default Mode Network starts turning off. This allows one to be fully in the present, and appreciative of the details around them. This state of mind clears depression, and allows one to absorb the beauty of the moment they are currently in.

Micro-dosing suppresses the ego, the portion of the brain that causes hate, fear, and self doubt. This increases the amount of empathy and acceptance of life around you.

The increased emotion of happiness and gratitude conditions the Flow state of mind, which is directly known for deep levels of concentration and focus.

How can Micro-Dosing Improve Focus?

While micro dosing – we can condition our flow states.

‘Flow’ is the coined term of ‘Being in the Zone.’ This is being so engaged and focused on a project, that time dissipates. There are no distractions of checking social media and the thought of past or future experiences. This is where you are so involved with the task at hand that the environment clears away.

Micro-Dosing disrupts the Default Mode Network, therefor not fixating us in the past or the future – this can put us into hyper flow states, improving our focus greatly.


Micro-dosing is the process of taking psychedelic doses that are under the psychoactive threshold. These effects, as minimal as they are, can make profound changes on your state of living. This process, can improve your leadership qualities by improving empathy and visionary thinking, can improve spirituality by disrupting the Default Mode Network and helping you live and appreciate the now, and can improve focus by inducing flow states.

For more information on the safe and therapeutic usage of psychedelics, read the book by scientist James Fadiman’s : “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys. Click here —> Visit Book