Are You a Lightworker?

The term lightworker is a beautiful way of describing people who are put on this planet to help others and to spread kindness, compassion, and positive change. 

The simplest way to describe lightworkers would be as beings who feel a deep pull towards helping others and feeling called to aid in the collective awakening. 

Also referred to as indigos, Earth angels and star seeds – these spiritual beings volunteer to act as a beacon for the Earth, and commit, in some way, to serving humanity.

Lightworkers show themselves as sound healers, yogis, mystics, alchemists, hermetics, and the common spiritual truth seekers, of any capacity.

What distinguishes a lightworker? 

Since an early age, they are likely to show some of the following characteristics. Check if you resonate with any number of these.

1. You Feel Like Time is Being Wasted

One of the interesting traits of a lightworker is that you have an unexplainable feeling that you’re wasting your time. 

This often comes as a byproduct of the normal career paths that are available in society such as school, grades, college, and then a corporate job. Very likely, you can recall that feeling since you were little, and it often made you feel anxious or depressed.

Deep inside, you know that you’re ready to do something great, but when you were younger, or even now, you couldn’t figure out what it was, or you were afraid to start.

2. You Feel Your Life Purpose — Even if You Don’t Know What It Is

This trait of a lightworker is related to the previous sign. You’ve always been called to act on your light.

As a lightworker, you KNOW that there is some greater destiny for you, and you feel attracted to it.

You’ve spent a lot of time figuring out why you’re here and what your life purpose is.

 Perhaps, you’ve read many articles or books about these topics. And you’ve also played with that idea ever since you can remember. Sometimes to the limits of obsession.

The reason is again the same — the driving forces of the universe want you to awaken so that you can start acting on your life purpose CONSCIOUSLY.

There is a vast difference in your personal emotional/energetic field when you act on your life mission by design or not.

Because if you become a conscious co-creator with the Universe, you can accomplish so much more. You tap into your unlimited capacity, and the only limitation lies in your mind — how much you allow yourself to shine.

When you realize what your life purpose is, you can transform your whole life.

3. You feel like an alien who just landed on planet Earth

I haven’t met a lightworker who wouldn’t have told me that they feel like they don’t belong here. Often their families haven’t accepted them fully, and neither had they have many true friends while growing up. They don’t fit into the normal routines of life and their ideas are often not common to the common structure. You can look into ‘starseed’ for another perspective on this idea.

4. You want to save the world

Every lightworker feels like they’ve come here to save the world. Deep inside, they’re sick of the ways the world works, and they hate seeing people suffer, and they want to change that.

In other words, they’re here to challenge the current norms of the matrix we operate in. 

There are many facades of our current matrix, such as News outlets, Modern Academia, Capitalism, Religion, and Politics. These are not always positioned for our higher good, but are marketed as such, in order for us to continue down their way of control and/or profit.

Challenging topics such as capitalism, animal cruelty, GMO in food, pollution, wealth inequality, non-substantive academic institutions, homelessness, deforestation, energy harvesting, racial injustice, corporate hold, sexual prejudice, human trafficking, air pollution, global warming, and this list goes on.

As a lightworker, you want to save your family, friends, and then ultimately, the whole planet. Sounds like a too big task? Well, it is. 

There’s usually a large sense of existentialism in these types of individuals. 

5. You have a lot of “dark stuff” going on (Shadow Work)

The primary task of a lightworker is to transmute darkness into light. 

In order to do so, you’ve experienced a lot of darkness in your life. 

You’ve been through challenging situations, and sometimes you’ve hit bottom emotionally or spiritually.

This is the training from their very first days to recognize all kinds of darkness and understand what processes to take to transmute it to radiance.

It’s not uncommon that some of the lightworkers also came here to resolve their family karma and thus liberate whole generations from unhealthy family patterns.

6. Belief in a higher power

No matter how dark moments you’ve been, you’ve always felt connected to a higher power of your belief. It may or may not be God, the universe, or the Light.

Oftentimes, there is a call towards spirituality, but it sways away from a common religion.

As a lightworker, you believe in something greater than you. Sometimes you feel the higher power to move through you and your life.

There are natural pulls towards divine intervention, spirit, ethereal, or out of body.

Agnosticism is a very commonly held term.

You can see that a greater divine energy has its effect on the universe as well as our planet, but haven’t labeled it as a religion.

7. You’ve had a challenging childhood

Lightworkers often feel lonely and misunderstood because they experienced a tough childhood. You may have experienced mental, emotional, or physical abuse.

You may have also been diagnosed with “ADD” or “ADHD” which caused a great stir in your concentration. This made school and or bonding different.

That’s usually because these  are naturally born with immense curiosity and excitement, and those who feel this pull, do not fit within the artificial structures of modern academia.

8. Emotional ups & downs

Your mood is constantly changing. When you feel good, you feel very close to God, and everything in your life seems to flow effortlessly. But all of a sudden, your mood can change, and you feel down.

 9. Who am I? Why am I here?

“Who am I? Why am I here?” are the two questions that have always echoed in your head. Ever since you remember, you’ve been contemplating the meaning of life and your purpose.

As a lightworker, you’ve always felt that there is a greater mission for you, and you wished to remember it. You’ve also felt that once you do remember who you are and your purpose, then everything falls into place.

You may even recall past life experiences, or highly ponder on your meaning to provide to this planet.

Anyways, if you feel this way, just align again, that your natural gift to this planet is simply by being you. 

TLDR; Lightworkers Characteristics?

Spiritual guides and healers

Lightworkers who are driven towards serving living beings and the Earth through healing using mental, physical, emotional or spiritual approaches fall under this category.

A higher calling 

People who are lightworkers experience a higher calling since childhood and feel it throughout them without knowing what it is. 

Challenging environment / Challenging the Matrix

Lightworkers often lived/live in challenging environments. This helps them become more capable of dealing with it and practicing their compassion. 

Lightworkers can also have a complex inner life, often experiencing mood swings.

Lightworkers usually have an existential yearn to challenge the status-quo.

Kindness and compassion for others

Lightworkers are very compassionate since they are young. They might show a lot of concern for people and animals in distress and move to help them however they can. 

Big goals 

Lightworkers don’t settle for small goals. They dream of fixing the world, saving others, and making a big difference. Lightworkers can’t turn a blind eye to the injustices of the world if they believe they can do something about it. 


Even by finding this material, reading this far into this article, and feeling any innate pull towards this information – you may actually heavily relate to this material. And if it’s not something you feel, you may have experienced this in others.

And if you didn’t resonate with any of this at all, then you hold other desirable qualities that make you unique in a much needed function for our growth and planet.

But in the chance you do resonate, then you are definitely a lightworker, or are recently starting your journey, and to that – I send you my warmest energy and respect.

Just remember that the impact you bring to this world is infinite and called upon you – for generations. Your work is needed in our transitional time towards a higher consciousness and awakening.

And better yet, you have found a space that you can feel understood, by the side of Rizer Media.

Be free, lightworker.