About Us

Rizer Media started through a love of life and a frustration in the education system.

There was a lack of focus on topics such as Self Improvement, Spiritual Development, Financial Literacy, Happiness, or Emotional Intelligence.

The set of skills that happen to be the most pertinent to successful individuals and entrepreneurs.

Through this antiquated system, the enjoyment to be curious and learn is stripped out of us. Leaving most with a lack of purpose, skillsets, or direction.

Seeing this disconnect bothered me and our close team deeply.

We knew there was a better and more beautiful way of sharing knowledge, habits, and paradigms that can open ourselves to our greatest truths.

More and more people are becoming aware of this pattern, and wanted to see change.

We vowed to take on the journey to be activists in this space.

Why? To empower ourselves, and with the help of the internet, proliferate perspective shifting concepts to influence alignment and awareness, to a world stage.

We accomplish this with powerful interviews, articles, photography, and stories from inspiring and successful individuals and topics all around the world.

Alongside of our knowledge pillar, we dive into fashion, publish music, showcase artists, create podcasts, host concerts, and build branding and growth marketing processes for businesses and artists.

The term “Rize” stems from the continual ascension and evolution through life’s challenges and awakenings. 

Are you ready to ascend?

Cheers and Best Wishes,
Akash Dharamshi – Founder, Rizer Media.